Thursday, 17 May 2012

Is That It?

Is That It
I dunno the cause
The result
Nor the beat
Is it really it?
I dunno how nor when
up? Low? in the gutter or glen?
Undecode, mystery air?
Seems like near but not there
The pain is too much to bear
The vein fall like torturing lair
Is That really, really it?
On second chill the spaine
The other,melted under sunshine
Set tears and laughter on the same line
Posessing such power that stop the time
is it this it??

HE knows
and HE will lead

kali terakhir 4 tahun lepas aku kena kacau macam ni...
Sweet pain huh...
Seriously i dunno how to take it...
Just 1 word......

key off ~~

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