Thursday, 10 March 2011



yeah..lama tak menghapdet blog ni...i donno why..mybe..tak berkesempatan nak jenguk apetah lagi nak hari ni myheart says.."hey update ur blog please..please(with the cutest face..haha)...okok...mood ok cerah..berawan cantik....mybe its called "happiness" take it or leave..kalau rasa tak selesa..TQ..

"People said in this word there are two kind of happiness...1st kind of hapiness is..u only know after the moment has passed..and the other is a happiness u feel in the moment is so precious that they say that the happiness can stay with u and lighten ur life..mybe we can turn today into the kind of happines u feel in the that we can remember this hapiness for the rest of our life.."

apa yang terlintas in the line of my mind...just now because im alone?? or because im loneliness??OH..Hoo..nope..absolutely not..before this always think that he was a worst..jerk..cruel..because he did it this to sorry dude.. im sorry for blaming u like this..but matter what..i know you have a nice too..sumthing nice bout u..(T_T)..even there no button of delete or backspace...i just let the kind of the pain..go follow the here left only the sweet memories bout u..even the scar of wound still there..but it make me remains u are real... and im done i told more more tears no more fears....because i know there was nothing left..u never see me..when u fall for her..u'll never see others hearts...thats one is me...sounds like im still standing there for waiting right...truth is.. love can't lie..then i can't lie anymore...watching u with torn inside and out..but i glad...u found your happiness...and now its my turn...when im was disappear when im run away from u..don't call my name...dont find me..and dont make me turn to u...yes ofcourse u didn't..u never see me....

ur laughing...ur smilling..ur playfull..ur naging..ur sulking..there lots and make me smile too...when the memories coming back....thanks a lot dude... i learn something in this life...then it make me strong..yeah.. i want to be strong to face the talking likes something nonsense.. am i right?..but trust me...its real..because i feel it...even u never want to see me..even u never want to hear my voice again..its okay...first time i meet u..u're someone stranger...then now you left as a someone stranger too... there is fate...i believe it.....there must be something strong reasons.. and i dun wanna ask why...its yours...and i believe you...i know im so silly..but know what i like doing and i'll do this.No one can change my mind and my mind can't be changed

but something i wanna you to know..from the beginning till this time... my feeling for u is real...but i cant prove it how..because..i didn't know how is it and why...and i want u to know.. im here not to ruins your relationship with her..but i would pray... uo'l will be together till the end... even u see there smile for your happiness..this is my way that i choose..even i dunno either happy or not..even reality hurt,truth's killing,todays torture and yesterday are just as bad but i do believe in God's love,im living and because of His love....May Allah Bless u no matter what..Nazri....

Nota Picisan:abaikan my grammar butcher...vocab tunggang langgang..but im try to improve wonder lah kan..^^..


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