Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Battle

26/3 Principles and practices of marketing
29/3 Technical english
2/4 Business Mathematics
12/4 Princples of Finance and Principles of Microeconomic

the battle hasn't even started,but the confidence level won't go up
the truth is, im kinda scared
too many things to do
only 1 day left is not fun ey! hmm

i might look confident,but im not
i might look like i need no shoulder, but im not
seriously nampak macam relax tapi sebenarnya Tuhan je yang tahu...
kadang rasa cepat la habis final...cepat la...

complaining lagi kan.....
tak bersyukur betul....tapi..

i know, i need to accept that.usaha, doa,tawakal...but because im just a normal human being,yang bukannya maksum..i do have thousands of weakness...1.complained..2.suka buat keje last minit pastu complain..salah sendiri tahu..., 3.i do feel tired..banyak lagi takkan nak listkan semua kang sampai esok tak closed up ini punye entry kan


Kali ni tamau risau kat orang RISAUKAN diri sendiri ni....=_=

Ya Allah ..please make everything easier for matter what...

sometimes i do feel tired on this long journey...a lot more to go...can i rest for a bit?? can someone please lend me your shoulder so that i can lean you for a while???

complaining,thats all you can do....
back to your work...:(
Nota contengan : good luck for your final exam praying for your success my friends


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