Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Either you read it or leave it

assalamualaikum n greetings to all

nota contengan::"read if u to leave kalau rasa tak selesa..TQ"

going straight,
some plain hate..hate myself too,some curious,and/or some distressed.
i aint blaming anybody

i've been endured with enough hatred and crudeness in life that nothing on the comments bug me.

i only come up talkin when i think it's necessary.most of the time i'll leave it,but when i feel like i need to stand,i just do.
feel free to have
ur say,ppl

anything at all

on the comment..too

i dun like it,i’ll delete it or just leave it there.
u dun like it,leave it there,dun read it,pretend it doest exist.
u've every single right to call me wutever u want after this
i wont mind
what i mind is my solace-spot serving me the way it should be
not making me weary


i love u ppl,btw


p/s:to sis Minn..sorry late reply ur email or msg..n maaf juga jika buat tertunggu...i need a time...i need to think is not ur fault or bro fazz...actually..both of u always has been so kind to me..i really glad..but i need my space..bcoz when i try to make an's gone...its so difficult to me bcoz of "that comment"[im sick of it] ..i need to leave fazminn for awhile...dun ok....when everything back to normal..i'll tell u..k...i miss u n fazminn too...

to readers...i'll try to fix it into normal..typing as usual....for Moonless Night>30 days....hanya untuk itu..

"Sometimes its gud for me,but not gud for my feelings"



  1. assalamualaikum yunzz...
    kayu nk mintak maaf ngn ape yg terjadi..
    kayu tau..kayu slh sorng yg mngguris perasaan yunzz..i'm sori...please back to our home..if u dont,i'll regret it whole my life...plis yunz..

  2. Nice kayu.. mcm tu lah... :) Yunz.. akak dah buka satu thread untuk betulkan satu kesalahan yang mereka buat... view this dear..

  3. kayu::everything under His will...kite maafkan pun insyaAllah akan maafkan kite..:)

    sis::tengs..for ur concern...i'll change a bit here n there too...*big hug*