Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Moonless Night.(Solitude)

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all

nota contengan::"read if u to leave kalau rasa tak selesa..TQ"

The summer is gone and here it is again,
The colored autumn, the sea of leaves and rain.
With all the lights and deep blue waves
The sun is gone, it left me all alone again.

Storms painfully took the sun away,
Stole you, your touch, your words again.
Winds took me back, they took me home.
I hopelessly tried to keep the memories not gone.

Too long I pushed and pushed the clock
Pretending you're still here, I'm not lost.
You confused my mind, my heart, my soul
And made them always stay unknown.

Those moments I tried to mark in my head
Started to perish and slowly fade away.
They left me empty and unable to feel,
Made me wordless, my heart cold as steel.

Raining days are here and they are passing by.
The drop of water touch my hands, they are shaking fast.
I walk and think, my head down on the ground.
I realized that having you is great, but solitude is also nice.

To be continued.....


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