Sunday, 5 December 2010

Moonless Night. (have you)

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all

nota contengan::"read if u to leave kalau rasa tak selesa..TQ"

I never meant to make you hurt,
never meant to make you sad.
As much as I hurt you last night,
you hurt me just as bad.

You didn't realize the things you said,
or all the signs you gave.
But you made me feel,
like you were going away.

I would never do anything,
to make you feel like you should leave.
And don't you ever forget,
you mean the world to me.

Sometimes you make me feel,
like I am not important in your life.
I feel so little,
and unwanted.

And last night I was crying,
but you didn't even care.
I feel like you don't trust me,
like you think I always do wrong.

I guess you don't understand,
that I didn't do any harm.
I knew before I went,
what would be going on.

Yet you don't believe me,
when I say I'd rather have you in my arms.

To be continued.....


memories in a reminiscence NY


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