Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Moonless Night. (The Light)

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all
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What do you do when you see no reason to continue?
When you fear the pain of the eternal future?
What do you say? How can you stay?

Life is short and sweet: so they say.
How is it short – when it takes an eternity to end?
How is it sweet – when it is only pain?

In my soul the rain never ends…the sun never shines.
I pray every night to see the light, but it never comes.
And when the rain slackens and I think light has came,
Thunder claps and the rain pours again…and hope is gone.

I only wish I could see the happiness once more.
I only want the love in my heart to be released,
But how can this happen when I can’t set it free?
How can it happen when it refuses to leave?

Nobody knows my inner struggle to be normal,
And upon hearing of it they laugh and retort,
‘You aren’t normal and never will be’, they all say…
‘You are the one who is hated and despised.’

If there is happiness to be found, show me.
If there is hope to be seen, show me.
I want to see the light; I want to know why;
I want to see the light; I want to be free
To be continued.....

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